Key Issues

Stabilizing Funding
for the Sheriff’s Office

The feast-or-famine dynamic has been an issue for too long. Unfortunately, the O&C Timber funds cannot be relied upon as a stable funding source moving forward. I support our law enforcement and will work with the community to determine the level of service residents are willing to support. A successful funding solution will look at outside-the-box ideas to help supplement the core funding that needs to come from taxpayers in the form of a temporary levy or a law enforcement taxing district.

Mitigation of Wildfire Risks

Josephine County is an extreme fire risk area. I support an independent fire district that will help keep our people, homes, and businesses safe. Most people will pay less for an independent fire district than they currently pay for subscription private fire services. It just makes sense.

Illegal Cannabis Operations

The issues surrounding illegal cannabis continue to worsen. The biggest concerns are water theft, human trafficking, and urgent health and safety risks. I support the ordinance giving county code enforcement the ability to impose fines for code violations in these very limited circumstances. The ordinance has a built-in sunset provision, so if it’s not working as we had hoped, it will automatically drop off the books in 3 years.

Affordable Housing & Homelessness

Josephine County is facing a housing and homelessness crisis. The current commissioners have made no attempt to address these issues at any level. As commissioner, I pledge to prioritize identifying solutions to help alleviate these issues. Working collaboratively with Grants Pass, Cave Junction, and other regional partners will be key to making progress on this issue.