About John West

In the Matter of John West – OAH Case No. 2017-ABC-00192

From the John West – Worst Nightmare for JoCo page on Facebook:

Numerous rumors have been circulating about John West’s cannabis-growing activities. Court documents confirm that West indeed has the facilities to grow extensive amounts of cannabis.

Google satellite image of greenhouses on John West's property on Dog Creek Road.
A satellite image on Google maps shows large greenhouses on John West’s property on Dog Creek Road.

In May of 2021, Brimstone Natural Resource Company, John West President was granted permission to construct 9 greenhouses 20’x65’. The site plan indicates that the nine greenhouses are on West’s property on Dog Creek Road. A Google Earth photograph taken years before 2021 shows these greenhouses in existence. Did he suddenly decide in 2021 to get a permit to construct the houses? On 04/26/2017 Mr. West petitioned the County to vacate ownership of Dog Creek Road his request was granted. In doing so he created a property that is concealed from the public eye.

Marijuana/hemp is a water-intensive crop. Water usage laws in OR are complex and situational depending on whether groundwater or surface water is used for irrigation. A search of government records found no water rights on Dog Creek. Does this mean that the greenhouses use groundwater to irrigate? We have questions about his compliance in this matter particularly since he violated the Forest Practice Act on property in the same vicinity.

Another concern is whether or not Mr. West has a permit to grow cannabis. There are no permits issued in any of West’s company names for growing hemp. Ongoing searches have so far revealed no evidence of permits associated with Mr. West issued for growing recreational cannabis.

There are real concerns about Mr. West’s business dealings as they reflect on his fitness to govern our county in an honest and ethical manner.

May 2021 - Agricultural structure permit to build 9 greenhouses