Meet Brian

Dear Josephine County neighbors,

My family has lived in Josephine County for 4 generations. I was born and raised here, and I’m raising my daughter here.

After high school, I attended the US Air Force Academy before completing my bachelor’s degree in business administration at University of Oregon. After a short stint in the family business, I began working in the energy conservation/efficiency industry, working for Energy Trust of Oregon for 10 years to help make Oregon homes and businesses more energy-efficient. I then spent a couple of years working in the Josephine County Assessor’s office, which is when I really began to notice some of the deficiencies with our current leadership.

Since I have been elected to the Grants Pass School Board and Grants Pass City Council, we have had success in moving things in a positive, productive direction. I am a fiscal conservative with a track record of getting results. I firmly believe that government can be effective and efficient.